Welcome to our Journal Here you will find highlights of recent weddings and boudoir shoots as well as glimpses into life on the farm, whatever's on my mind, and of course, my dogs! Feel free to poke around and leave comments; I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Alyssa’s Boudoir Session

What a fun shoot!  I absolutely love Alyssa’s look, somewhere between forties retro and edgy biker chick.  She’s obviously not afraid of bright colors and making a statement, so we used color, contrast and sheer vibrancy to set the overall tone of the images:

Love me some stockings!

This time of year especially, I have women ask me all the time if I can get rid of their tan lines.   Yes, I can minimize them, but… a lot of men find tan lines sexy.  It means they’re seeing something that’s usually covered up and no one else gets to see:

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