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When it comes to gardening, I am what you might call reluctant.  Okay, so I hate it.  My abhorrence  of spending time with plants getting my hands dirty began as a child.  My parents were really into vegetable gardening, so as children, one of our chores every weekend was to weed.  For hours.  Literally.  Ugh!  It was so boring and tedious.  I was convinced weekends should be spent riding my pony, Sunshine, and playing in the woods instead.  Fast forward a few umpteen years and what’s one of my husband’s favorite hobbies?  Yup, gardening.  He’s developed a beautiful flower garden at the front of our property.  I love to do shoots out there and it’s very peaceful to walk through on a pretty spring evening, but please don’t ask me to do anything more than that!  Last year, however,  on the spur of the moment, I ordered a dozen iris bulbs from Holland.  I’ve always loved how they look, they remind me of ladies dressed in fancy, frilly ballgowns.  When the bulbs arrived, it was the wrong time of year to plant them, so I had to wait several months.  Then after I finally got to plant them, I had to wait all winter for them to come up and start to bloom.  Talk about delayed gratification!  By the time they finally started blooming, I had totally forgotten what colors they even were supposed to be.  I’ve had so much fun watching them over the past few weeks!  Noticing as their buds first began to develop and trying to guess what color they were, seeing them finally open, I’ve been like a kid practically jumping up in down with excitement!  Who knew gardening could be so fun?  I’m still not convinced weeding is not a form of torture, but the irises are cool!  Here’s a picture of my favorite so far (there are still 4 plants that haven’t bloomed yet):

And a pretty yellow one:

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