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Kelley and Corey’s Raleigh Wedding

This past weekend I had the opportunity to shoot Kelley and Corey’s wedding at the Raleigh Crabtree Marriott.  It was a beautiful wedding the end my year on! Every wedding is unique, and every couple has their own vision as to what they want their wedding to be.  Sometimes it’s an opportunity to surround themselves with loved ones they don’t usually get to see.  Sometimes it’s the perfect excuse for the best party ever.  Other times it’s just a formality to get through before they get to go on their honeymoon.  It can be so easy in the course of the whole planning process to get wrapped up in the details and lose sight of the bigger picture.  Rather than simply a beautiful start to the rest of your lives together, the wedding becomes almost the goal in and of itself.  But for Kelley and Corey, it really seemed that all of the importance was placed on the significance of the ceremony itself and what it really means to become married, not just to have a wedding, and then to follow it with a celebration.  I felt honored to be a witness to it, and to record it through the images.  Here’s a sampling:

Last minute touch ups on the dress with a steamer:

Kelley and Corey decided to see each other before the ceremony, which I absolutely love.  Look at the expressions on both their faces before Corey turns around:

I love all of the emotion that comes across in this shot even though all you can see is a tiny sliver of Corey’s face:

And the same with this one:

Then it was time for portraits:

The weather was not good for going outside, but we went back upstairs to their suite to make use of the pretty window light:

This gentleman was such a good sport!  He’s the father of one of the bride’s maids and was nice enough to take all of the ladies’ purses, wraps, etc. down to the ceremony for them.  Quite a load as you can see:

A happy ending to a beautiful ceremony:

Again, look at the emotion on the faces!  This is Corey’s mother congratulating Kelley after the ceremony:

Corey and his father:

This made me giggle as admiring the ring is something I usually get with the bride and bride’s maids, not the groom:

First Dance:


And lastly the bouquet toss.  Notice the ladies jostling for position before the bouquet ever leaves Kelley’s hands:

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