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Kim’s Boudoir Session

Wow!  It’s been an incredibly busy start to the year for me, with more boudoir photography sessions than I’ve ever shot before!  It’s fantastic when what you love to do is what is keeping you busy!  🙂

One of the sessions that I shot was with Kim.  She and her friend, Donna, decided to do back to back sessions and were a blast to work with.  Both of them were doing the sessions primarily for themselves, which as you know, is my favorite reason for boudoir photography!

There’s something so striking about a black and white portrait, isn’t there?

It doesn’t always need to be lingerie!  This lace blouse of Kim’s is pretty darn hot, wouldn’t you agree?

This pose is still one of my most requested!

I love this risky business-esque outfit Kim chose.  The oh so sexy silhouette of her body through the shirt really makes the shot:

Cigars have been popular as props lately.  Sexy comes in all expressions and attitudes.  Not everyone is the intense, pouty lipped type (in fact, most of us aren’t!), but as you can see from this photograph of Kim, a smile can be pretty sexy too!

A big thank you to Kim for allowing me to share some of her images with you!  For any of you who have been considering doing a boudoir session, but haven’t scheduled yet, now is the time!  The gardens are looking beautiful and the temperature is perfect!

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