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“Neighbors” came for lunch!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve had a pretty busy couple of weeks shooting, and being busy shooting is always followed by being busy editing.  I enjoy editing, and consider it part of the creative process, but after a while I just need a break from my computer!  I decided to go check to see if the mail was here and stretch my legs.  As I went to put on my shoes, I saw a doe out our back window.  It’s not unusual to see them at dusk grazing near the woods, but it is fairly out of the ordinary to see one during the day, and this one was really close!  Without much hope, I grabbed my camera, put on my longest lens and went outside as quietly as I could.  I didn’t see her anymore and figured she had run, but decided to go around the corner of the barn and see if I could still spot her.  This is what I saw:

She was still there and she had her baby with her!  The lighting on these shots is pretty bad with all the patchy sunlight, but I was amazed just to get the shot at all!

Here’s one of the baby:

And then they were gone:

And I’m going back to my editing!  🙂



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