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Paris, etc.

I’ve been having so much fun the last few days editing all of my images from Paris!  It’s hard to narrow my choices down, but here are a few more.  I’ve also updated my website with several new images from both Paris and recent weddings, if you’d like to check that out.

I think the following image might be my favorite one of all!  On this day, we were supposed to go to Versailles, but found out the day before that not only would it be too crowded with tourists to do any shoots, but that they charge 100 Euros per location for photographers!  Thanks to Arielle, our French speaking angel, for finding that out for us!  Instead, she suggested we go to this amazing castle where she had actually been married!  It was gorgeous and we had it basically to ourselves for the entire day.  Unbelievable!

This castle and staircase made me think of Cinderella.  I posed Rachel on the staircase and asked her to run up.  After some editing, this is the fairy tale image I got.  Look below to see the “before” image.

Cinderella Before

This is how the image started…..Big difference, huh?  The dreamy, fairy tale look I envisioned was created later using Photoshop and Scott Robert’s Lightroom Presets.  In today’s digital world, part of being a good photographer is using technical tools to complete your artistic vision.


Rachel in front of the castle

DSC_0320 copy

Sometimes when we were shooting together as a group (we had both group shoots and one-on- one shoots), it was hard to get the perfect angle.  In this setup, Brandon had picked up Rachel and was twirling her around.  While most people were shooting their faces, I shot Rachel’s feet peeking out from her skirt. I loved the whimsy of this angle and actually think it tells a better story than the more traditional angle.  What do you think?

Rachel Dramatic

A portrait of Rachel taken outside of the Louvre.

Coming Soon:

Slideshow of Stacey and Bradford’s Wedding

Slideshow of Meghan’s Boudoir Session

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