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DSC_0007 72

This absolutely adorable little guy is Sam, my nephew.  I moved to North Carolina from California several years ago.  Overall, I really like it here:  it’s much less congested, the cost of living is way better, and my husband, David, is from Raleigh.  There are still things I miss about California though, like the weather and In-N-Out Burger to name a couple, but I especially miss my family.  I don’t get to see them nearly enough!  Recently my brother, David, and his wife, Connie, came for a visit and I was able to meet my nephew Sam for the first time.  This kid is going to be a charmer when he grows up!  He already wants to be held by all the ladies!  Here’s a few snap shots I took of him on the couch….

DSC_0017 72

DSC_0056 72

DSC_0032 72

DSC_0057 72

DSC_0042 72

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