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Making Valentine’s Day a Little Sweeter

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  Many of us will be lucky enough to spend the day with our sweeties.  My husband, David, and I usually spend the day horseback riding at Moss Foundation in Southern Pines, which is what we did on our very first date.  It’s become something of a tradition for…

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  • Ashley Seabrooke - My husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan for another 6 months. Our Anniversary is January 17th and this is the second in a row we will spend apart due to deployments. He is missing two years of Thanksgivings, Christmases, New Years, Birthdays (his is in February), and Anniversaries. The pain of being separated from him for so long is worth it for only one day in his presence.

    He loves me, his children,and everyone with a love that only God can give. He is my strength and my love. After nearly 8 years of marriage, just the thought of him still fills my stomach with butterflies. Everything he says or does seems like magic. I don’t feel like an ordinary married couple with two kids living the “American Dream.” Because of him, I feel like I am part of an adventure, and that I am vital to our nations security. He makes me feel like I am beautiful beyond measure, and without me he could not be our nations hero.

    I have never known a man of more integrity and confidence. I never fear because I know he is fighting for me, my family, my heart, and my country. He is my dream come true because he is strong, handsome, courageous, and madly in love with me. I wish I could give back to him all that he has given to me.

  • Mandy Nicoletta - Hey! I was sent your link by Stephanie Browning….this is awesome. My fiance’ and I are coming up on our 3 year anniversary on 1-11. He’s currently deployed in Kuwait. No matter the amount of time or number of times someone is deployed it’s hard. Getting through the holidays with him gone and trying to plan a wedding at the same time has been tough. Our relationship began with us meeting online, me living in Raleigh and he was in Mississippi. Luckily 7 months after we began traveling back and forth to see each other he got a new job in DC which was much closer. So being apart has been something of a norm, but we always made the best effort to see each other on holidays.

    Jeromy has been the best thing in my life! The 1st time he came to visit he went shoe shopping with me and held my purse without complaining! I thought hmm this might workout. The week before Thanksgiving the same year I was at work and came home early to find him in my kitchen cooking us dinner. Poor thing had a 12lb turkey for 2 people with enough food to feed 10 people. Too bad he didn’t plan it well because the turkey was only halfway cooked. lol Our 2nd Valentine’s together he woke up early and headed out to the local Starbucks and came back with 2 Red Velvet Cupcakes. There are so many things I could say about him, but the best thing I can say is how supportive he his of me. I’ve had a life long struggle with my weight, and over the past year with his CONSTANT support and motivation I’ve shed 50lbs with 26 more to go by the end of September. There are so many things I can say about him….but the #1 thing I know is he loves me truly though thick and thinner.

    He would be shocked if I actually got the chance to do this, and after reading the faq section your ideas of things to wear ect had just put so many thoughts in my head of things I could do with this opportunity. Even if I don’t win….this is an awesome idea and we all appreciate you doing it. Thanks, Mandy

  • Veronica Andersen - My husband is currently deployed serving in Kuwait with the National Guard. Hopefully he will return home in time for our 2nd anniversary in July. This is his third deployment and my first. I thought it would be much easier to stay busy and try to push quickly through the year without him. However, I have come to realize it doesn’t really work that way. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss his prescence in my life and I am certain its much the same for him as well. My husband would be blown away if he received boudoir photos of me!!! It would be most unexpected. He’s pretty shy and the sweetest most loyal hard working man you’ll ever meet. It is with great pride that I do my part at home.

    Thank you for this awesome opportunity to give him a little something special from home away from home.

    Veronica Andersen

  • Adam Bruger - Heard about this from a friend. Could you please enter my wife in your drawing? Her name is Heather and I know she could use the distraction right now.

    Thank You!

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